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or such girls as yourself, who need them.” “I—I do not believe in this religion, and—I am a witch.” 317 “Few believe in the beginning, but only turn to our doctrine for relief from some condition of the world. It is this witchcraft you must escape.” Lalette heaved a sigh. (Her head ached now, and what was the use of this stru


ggle to be free and one’s own? The strings tightened, one was drawn back to puppethood.) “Very well. If you



d a discourse of which Lal


ette hardly understood a word, it was so abstract. She could hardly keep her eyes open; the descen


t into doze and the jerk back were agonizing. A desiccated woman who breathed through he

r nose was seated on the next bale. At the end of the discourse, she took Lalette’s hands in both her own, with a gesture astonishing until one observed that all the people in the gathering were simila

rly greeting neighbors. To Lalette’s surprise most of them seemed to be well-to-do people with an expression of almost dogged

cheerfulness, but there seemed about them something lacking,


as though they had bought this good cheer with the sacrifice of some quality. The thin woman wa

Animals are not commodities

s still talking when a man with an engraved smile touched Lalette’s arm and said that t

he Initiate would like to see her. The man’s face was calm as though carved in stone; he asked her whether she was married? Had read the First Book of the Prophet? Drank fortified alcohols? Practiced t

he Art? He looked at her as though his glance would bore straight through when she answered the last honestly that she had don

e so, but would practice it no more. Then he pronounced a disc

one f
Mauris liguodales condimen

ourse as incomprehensible as that he had given to the company, ending by saying she must be reborn

Animals are not commodities

into purest love. At the close of this he told her that he had looked into her heart

and believed her honest, but that she must carefully study the Prophet’s First Book. He gave her a letter for the cargo-overseer of a vessel even then at the wharf; the book, he said, would be furnish

ed to her aboard by the third mate of the vessel. Dame Domijaiek had been her guarantee; love would be her protector. She was

kissed on the forehead and they all went out into a spring twi

alse b
Mauris liguodales condimen

light with drizzles of rain. 318 At the wharf someone was trying to lead a protesting horse in

Animals are not commodities

to the ship, among stampings and confused shouts. Lalette huddled in the shadow, as clos

e as she could get to the widow Domijaiek and regarded the masts running up into the grey, with their climbing triangles of rope tracery. A wide plank led through a gap in the bulwarks before them, but

now the horse was disposed of, the ship’s people were engaged in some bargle at one end of the vessel; no one paid any attent

ion to the two women who tripped to the deck and stood uncerta

Mauris liguodales condimen

in. At last a man detached himself from the group with a cheerful farewell and came along the deck

Animals are not commodities

toward them, cap on head and munching a piece of bread. He would have passed with a bri

ef stare in the assembling gloom, but the widow halted him with outstretched hand and asked where was the overseer of cargo? He halted with mouth open and cheek puffed out with food. “By the lazaret

te,” and before either could put another question, disappeared round a wooden structure that rose from the planking. A few sp

urts of rain fell. Lalette shivered more snugly into her cloak

ng, la
Mauris liguodales condimen

(wondering whether “witch” might not be written on her forehead to make all shun her save those

Animals are not commodities

whom others shunned, as Amorosians and Zigraners). Now the chatter broke up and three o

r four men together came toward the head of the plank, porters mainly with their iron hooks in their belts. The exception had broad but stooped shoulders, a close grey mat of beard and an unlighted lant

ern in his hand. To him Dame Domijaiek addressed herself, inquiring where the lazarette might be. He waved a hand. “Aft of

the tri-mast, leftward”; then glanced at Lalette, stepped cl


ose and peered at her so directly that she shrank away. “For Ser Brog, mother?” he said, and turned to the old

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er woman. “Looky here, mother, I ha’n’t seen you before along Netznegon dock, eh? You come to see me when you finish with Ser Brog, and may

be we do business, eh? At Casaldo’s.” The porters laughed and one of them bubbled a derisive sound through his lips (Lalette was already repenting her undertaking). A voice behind a door told them to

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enter. It belonged to a tall man with white hair, whose black fuzzy eyebrows leaped up a long face when he saw that his visitors were women.

He did not rise, but cast a half-regretful glance at the sheet of computations on a leaf let down from the wall before him. The letter he at first held far away as though it were an affiction of proclamat

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ion; when he grasped its purport and had seen the signature,

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